logo_totalpaving Driveway installed. Laid with a standard size block and styled in a herringbone pattern. It involved a driveway with a walkway which leads to the rear of house and into a patio area with ascending block paved steps to elevated garden area. We start the project as usual by removing all existing bases which allows us to incorporate our own new base. It means we can guarantee against subsidence knowing that it is our own sub base. Upon new base being inserted and levelled to our satisfaction, we spread our river washed sand and set our screeds to lines that we have set. This is important as it gives us an accurate fall so we can ensure no water pooling in any area. This was very important as the long block paving pathways makes it very easy to gather water if you are not 100% accurate with your levels. The two biggest factors on this job were the step areas to front and rear of house going to garden. Each required a nice firm base to ensure no movement would take place. The rear ones had to be large enough to allow ease of stepping onto it especially if carrying something up to the back of garden. We managed that by making large deep steps which breaks the jump up a bit. The second factor which was a bit more time consuming was the pathway leading from front to rear. As you can see if you follow the gallery, the pathway narrows in most of the time going along the path to rear. We decided to not take the easy route and continued laying in herringbone style so the pattern follows directly into the patio area. This meant a lot more cuts and a lot more effort but we feel that the end result more than merits the effort that was put in. We were happy with the result and the owner was more than satisfied with the block paving finish. The steps worked out very well and the colouring that we helped to choose for our customer definitely blends nicely with the house.

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