We have just finished a complete driveway overhaul in Berkhamstead. Some major work took place to the front and rear of the property.  Existing driveway was extended way further and a lot of greenery and shrubbery removed.

The existing driveway area was a small strip running to the garage from the road. We removed this area and excavated the side of it extending into the lawn area. A lot of excavation took place which was needed to ensure that all the roots from existing shrubbery were removed so they wouldn’t preset a problem in the future years. The patio area was dug out and existing surface was removed.

Once the surface area were prepared, we installed a new base over the entire area. This was compacted to ensure a solid base for many years to come. We had to install ACO – Drains on the driveway at a distance from the garage entrance running along the entire length of the house to catch all the rain water coming down the drive. This was piped away safely.

We inserted a block paving edging kerb around the entire driveway to cleanly separate the driveway from the remaining lawn. These were set in concrete to ensure no movement. We installed a ramp at the rear of the house for easy access down into the garden area and we inserted a new paving step at the front of the house.

The block paving, which is a brindle colour from Marshalls,  was done in a 45 degree angle and laid with a stretcher of charcoal for the border. This was backed up by a brindle header against the kerb. The rear of the house followed the same colour and pattern of paving blocks.



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