Total Paving has just finished another quality driveway. Existing driveway which comprised of a mix between concrete and concrete slabs was removed in order to make a perfect new driveway.

Once all the existing surface was removed, we installed a new sub-base into the driveway area. This was compacted to guarantee no movement would occur on the base. We installed a block paving kerb against the neighbours driveway to cleanly separate them and help against the level drop between them. A new edging kerb was installed to the front of the driveway against the pavement and alongside the shrubbery flower bed. ACO drains were ran around the entire house wall to catch any rain water falling into the house.

When the area was completely prepped, we installed our new paving on top of the river washed screeded sand.  The paving was laid in a 45 degree pattern using the Sunrise colour range from Kilsaran. The border was done with a brindle stretcher bond backed up by a header bond using the Sunrise paving block.



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